Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Training Place - lanka Walltile Meepe (Pvt) Ltd

Lanka Walltiles Meepe (Pvt) Ltd is the only wall tiles manufacturer in Sri Lanka who produces and sells wall tiles to the local market as well as to the export market.

Lanka Walltiles Meepe (Pvt) Ltd is a fully owned subsidiary of Lanka Tiles PLC and a sub company of Ceylon Theatres group. This factory is an expansion of the Balangoda walltiles factory.

This factory was started as a project of Board Of Investments – Sri Lanka (BOI) in 1995, with a starting capital of 700 million rupees. The factory is located at 22 acres of land with a beautiful environment.

At the beginning of the meepe factory, the maximum monthly production had been in the region of 60,000 m2. However as the factory expanded, due to the management techniques used and with a great fork force, the monthly production now lays in a value higher than 120,000 m2 per month.


To be a leading producer of wall and floor coverings and related products for the local and international markets


The production and marketing of exceptional quality products at optimum affordability

Mission statement

To manufacture and market quality ceramic products of comfortable living

“Lanka walltiles makes protecting the environment a guiding principle of its business philosophy.

The company is leading the way, delivering a unique vision of dealing with energy and going “green” in production techniques. They are introducing cutting-edge, environmentally friendly technology, to increase the bottom line.”

Production Process - At a Glance


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